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Thank you Crayola!

Thank you Crayola!

Crayola Continues to Support our Local Community!

This year Crayola decided to run a food drive specifically supporting the local Children’s Breakfast Programs.  We have three facilities one in Lindsay, one in Markham and one in Peterborough.  Each facility was challenged to raise the most pounds per person to support the Children’s Breakfast Program in their area. Crayola is all about raising creatively alive children and it is difficult to be creative on an empty tummy. People were asked to contribute granola/cereal bars, pancake mix, pure fruit juice, fruit cups/applesauce, cold cereal or have the option to purchase food vouchers ($10 would = 8lbs of food and a $5 donation would = 3lbs of food for the purpose of calculating)

Peterborough started out early with a large thermometer and wonderful display that encouraged both Markham and Lindsay to rise to the challenge.  Midway through the food drive the two larger facilities were neck and neck sitting around 250 lbs total with an almost equal number of employees.  Then the competition got fierce and things grew quiet as each team attempted to raise the pounds per person without letting the other teams know exactly where they were at. Then came Peterborough’s final challenge in a ….poem!  Blue is one verse of Peterborough’s challenge, the purple is one verse from Lindsay to answer the challenge and the final verse is one verse of Markham’s response!

The Peterborough Crew is tipping the scale

Our final lbs per person will be in the mail.

No matter what we filled, a pallet or bin,

One thing is for certain, everyone wins.

We weigh in tomorrow and word on the street,

There may just be a new to team to defeat.

When the numbers were submitted at noon on the final day Markham had the most pounds per person at 20.73!  Collectively the Crayola team donated the equivalent of 1380 lbs of food to our local Children’s Breakfast Programs.  We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Crayola team!