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Moving Forward!

Over our 17 years of operation, the Kawartha Lakes Food Source (KLFS) has navigated a variety of political, economic, and social challenges. Thanks to our strong foundation, and the flexibility and creativity of our staff and supporters, we have been successful in addressing any challenges that come our way. It is these 17 years of experience which gives us great confidence in our ability to continue making progress in poverty reduction and food security matters until the day in which the services of food banks are no longer needed. Until such a day, we are committed to moving ahead; growing our organization in terms of what we can offer the community and building resilience to weather any storm.

In order to move ahead to growth and resilience, the Kawartha Lakes Food Source has planned, over these last few years, to relocate. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed what the relocation planning process looks like, however, the pandemic has also further demonstrated its necessity. Immediately following the Ontario Government’s state of emergency announcement on March 17th, 2020, our 10 member food banks across the City of Kawartha Lakes saw an unprecedented spike to the number of people accessing their services. With this demand on food banks easing as financial supports become accessible, we have now shifted our focus to the long-term economic effects that could place strain on our community members.

Kawartha Lakes Food Source began operations in 2003 in a shared space with the Boys and Girls Club Kawartha Lakes. As the Boys and Girls Club operations grew, it became evident that KLFS needed to find a new home. In 2012, KLFS relocated to our current location, at 41 George Street West, Lindsay.

While this location was suitable at the time, the facility has, and continues to develop many deficiencies.

In 2019, KLFS underwent a risk management assessment process. This assessment was completed against the context of our strategic directions. Of the 107 identified risks, the highest risks, which would have the greatest impact on our overall operations are directly connected to our existing space. 

With these issues in mind the KLFS Board of Directors decided that the time had come to find another facility, one that would meet current needs, and would allow for safe storage and efficient distribution of food to meet the future needs of the community.

KLFS takes fiscal responsibility very seriously. For that reason, the agency developed a plan, over the span of three years, to ensure that we were in a position to make this commitment when the right location and opportunity presented itself. With the decision to relocate based on sound planning, and well-founded facts of the ongoing need for our supports, we are certain that our organization will make this transition smoothly.

In following the critical assessment and organizational review from the Strategic Plan and Risk Assessment Report, Kawartha Lakes Food Source is happy and proud to announce that we are relocating on Friday July 10th, 2020.

Our new location is at 164 Needham Street, Lindsay. It continues to be in a central location within the City of Kawartha Lakes to be accessible for our member agencies, volunteers, and donors. More importantly, it is dry, clean, bright, maintained, and has more space for our current operations.

While having a larger space will be appreciated, it is not our priority. Our distribution centre operations places precedence on receiving food, sorting it and then distributing it to our member food banks as quickly as possible. KLFS is not a food storage facility – food should be stored in the cupboards of families throughout our community.

In our new space, our distribution centre operations will continue to remain as the backbone of our organization, as they have historically been. However, we will also continue to push forward with our larger vision of building food security in our community by means of new and innovative programs and opportunities.

On Wednesday, August 5th, we will be hosting a COVID-19 Adapted “Open House” to allow community members an opportunity to see our new home if they are interested. Social distancing and disinfecting measures will be firmly in place. Guidance will be given upon arrival by our team. The “Open House” will take place between 9am-1pm; with an official ceremony at 9am, and drop-in walk throughs happening until 1pm. We ask that visitors bring a non-surgical mask if one is available to them. RSVP to Jess at 705-324-0707 or