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Frequently Asked Questions for KLFS during COVID-19

We have received an outpour of questions from our community regarding COVID-19 over the last month. Here are the four most frequently asked questions, along with answers and links to supporting pages/resources.

Q: How to I access a food bank? / Are food banks still open?

A: At this time, all of our member food banks across the City of Kawartha Lakes remain open, but with significant alterations to their operations. If you are in need of food bank support, please visit the FIND A FOOD BANK webpage and identify the food bank in your community. Then, call the number listed in order to make yourself aware of any changes made to their services, and to schedule an appointment.

Q: How can I donate? / What can I do to help?

A: For a full list of ways to contribute to the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, and our member food banks, please click here.

Q: Do you need volunteers?

A: At this time, we have suspended our volunteer activities to best protect our volunteers, staff, clients, and community as a whole. We are operating with a “skeleton” crew. However, we will no doubt need additional volunteer support once our operations return to normal. For information on volunteering, and to submit a volunteer form, please click here.  

Q: Is the Kawartha Lakes Food Source a food bank?

A: The Kawartha Lakes Food Source is not a food bank itself. We are a non-profit food distribution agency which oversees 10 food banks across the City of Kawartha Lakes. We provide food and support to all 10 of these food banks, as well as run several additional programs, including, Summer Lunch, Open Gardens, Student Nutrition, and much more. The food we distribute to food banks is given on a fair share basis, divided up based on how many individuals each member food banks serve.

We do own and operate the Lindsay Community Food Market, one of the 10 food banks mentioned. However, this food bank is located off-site and has a different phone number. To connect with the Lindsay Community Food Bank Coordinator, Kate, please call 705-212-9984 or email