As a not for profit organization, we run on the donations given by people just like you! Please consider donating!

Food Basics

In under 8 hours, over $1000 worth of food and cash donations were raised.

Thank you to Food Basics Lindsay for allowing us to collect money and food donations on Thursday June 29th!

For every $1, KLFS can stretch it to become $5 worth of food.

With the help of the community, and your generous donations, we have received enough money to purchase 3000 cartons of milk for our Grab N’ Grow program!

Asking for cash donations can often be difficult and pestering but, your help never goes unnoticed! As a non-profit organization, we run on cash donations and community support.

Without your the support of the community, KLFS would not be able to provide the food and services we currently do.

Thank you to Food Basics, and thank you to the community!