Is Kawartha Lakes Food Source a food bank?

No. The Food Source is a warehouse in Lindsay where food is collected and distributed to member agencies throughout Kawartha Lakes.

Who gives out the food collected by the Food Source?

There are two kinds of food banks: those open to the public and those serving a specific clientele (Women’s Resources, Adult Protective Services, Fleming College, etc.). Items from the Food Source are also used in more than a dozen school breakfast programs.

How do food banks know who to give food to?

Volunteers at public food banks assess potential clients’ income and expenses. If clients have less than $200 left over each month after expenses, they are eligible for food.

How do you make sure people don’t get food from more than one place?

Clients sign a waiver allowing the Food Source’s public food banks to share their names. This way, representatives from the various food banks can compare their clientele to minimize unfair use.

How much food do clients receive at a time?

The amount varies depending on the food bank and how well-stocked it is, but clients typically receive about three days’ worth of food each month.

How is my financial donation used?

When the public donates money to the Food Source, it is used to buy food, run the warehouse, pay for waste disposal, recruit volunteers, run the office, pick up food donations and more.

Am I better to donate food or cash?

Either is most welcome and both are essential to feeding hungry people. Food donations go straight to food banks and those in need. And every dollar donated in cash can be turned into six dollars’ worth of food for families struggling to get by.

What kind of food donations can you accept?

The basic test is: Would you eat it yourself or serve it to your family? If not, then another item would be better to donate. Check to see if it’s past its best-before or expiry date. For safety reasons, all items the Food Source distributes must have a label listing ingredients and be commercially produced. We cannot accept home canning such as jam and relish.

What support will you give me if I organize a food drive?

Contact the Food Source office to find out how to run a food drive and obtain barrels, brochures and any other information you might need including a booklet on how to run a food drive.

How many children benefit from the school food program?

In a three-month period, the Food Source provides 11,000 servings of milk, fresh fruit and healthy snacks such as granola bars to hungry schoolchildren.

Who gets food through the Food Source’s member agencies?

Roughly one-third of recipients are on social assistance and one-third are on provincial disability support while nine per cent are on a pension. About 40 per cent of those receiving food from the Food Source through its members are children.

Where can I find a food bank open to the public?

There are Food Source member agencies in Omemee, Fenelon Falls, Woodville, Coboconk, Dunsford, Oakwood and two in Lindsay.

How much government funding does the Food Source receive?

The Food Source receives no regular funding from any level of government, although it has received one-time grants on various occasions. At present, the City of Kawartha Lakes provides money which is set aside specifically for the purchase of fresh fruit for school breakfast programs.

What kind of volunteer roles are there in the organization?

Volunteers are needed for everything from two-hour stints at fundraising events or food drives through to service on the board of directors and on committees. Contact the office to find out how you can help!

Where does the food come from that the Food Source distributes?

The Food Source relies heavily on the public to donate food at food drives and through other means such as workplace challenges or food received in lieu of gifts on special occasions. It also obtains food via a process known as reclamation from a company that picks up unsold food from grocery stores. While this food is free, the Food Source must pay to have it trucked to Lindsay from Toronto.

When and why was the Food Source set up?

Kawartha Lakes Food Source opened its doors in March of 2002, after research by members of Rotary revealed a patchwork system of food aid by churches and social agencies. With one agency devoted to collecting and distributing food to food banks, front-line workers could focus on clients rather than stocking their shelves.

How many staff work at the Food Source?

The Food Source employs a full-time executive director and five part-time staff: a warehouse supervisor and helper, a volunteer co-ordinator, a major financial donations researcher and an office helper.