That’s right, 6 eggs and sleeve of milk is all we can give.  Your gift today can give every family a dozen eggs and a bag of milk. Can you change a life today?

Donors like you support the bulk purchase of eggs and milk, but it only gives a portion of the real need.  Families need a dozen eggs and a bag of milk.

Please give today.

People like you also support our school milk and fruit program.  The goal is a piece of fruit and one 250ml carton of milk per student per week.  We are falling short of the goal and kids are skipped over each week.

Your gift will get us ready for the upcoming school year. Please help ensure kids are not skipped.

Please give today.

How to donate:

  • Cash or debit at KLFS (41 George Street West), Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Mail cheque (KLFS, Box 123, Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R8)
  • Credit card in person or call 705-324-0707
  • Online by clicking the Donate Now button below