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Hats off to Volunteers


January has always been a month of reflection for me, since I was a kid, it was a time to think about the year to come, and the year that has passed, to share memories with friends and loved ones.  As the Christmas trees, and decorations are finally put to bed for another year.  Feasts have been had, family gatherings and holiday travel behind us a few weeks.  The aftermath of too many cookies, and too much drink has left us time reflect on how important food is to us in all the holiday season.

Food is the universal conversation piece, we chat about Lucy’s dance recital over the chip dip, and Mark’s hockey try out over veggie tray, and we talk about how big the family is getting over the turkey and our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year over dessert.

It’s hard to imagine a holiday gathering without food.  But the reality is, that happens more than we’d care to admit.  Between crazy grocery prices, just a week or so ago, cauliflower was so extremely high, it made heads spin, and public outcry’s on social media, and the cost of day to day living, paying our hydro bills, and getting to work.  The Kawartha Lakes Food Source service is becoming more and more vital to our community.

For the Kawartha Lakes Food Source demand for additional food is high in November and December, but highest in January, when budgets are stretched a little thinner than usual.

We would like to express how thankful we are for the dedicated volunteers, who really roll up their sleeves, to get the job done.  To those who donated food, to make holiday gatherings a little easier for a family.  And to those who donated financially, so we could procure the items that were most in need.  Volunteers are the life blood that makes the Kawartha Lakes Food Source thrive to do what we can in our community.

So our hats to all of you who have helped, and who have maybe considered helping.  We have so many opportunities to participate, from fundraising, sitting on the board, warehouse, at community events.  If you are a high school student in our community and are in need to community service hours, we have opportunities for you as well.  If you are interested, please contact the office at 705-324-0707.


Heather Scott


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